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Web diffusion

  • Centralized creation and diffusion of job ads.The e-thicHR platform proposes a range of consolidate tools, among others through 321.jobs, aimed to facilitate the publication of your own job ads or from your announcers. This technology eases and facilitate the creation of visual that are not only attractive, but also perfectly adapted and optimized for Social Networks and any media.
Giving the potential candidate the opportunity to apply on any media is crucial for every company.

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  • Jobboards and integrated job pages.Integrating a specific page displaying all the carrier opportunities within a company can be necessary. The jobboard e-thicHR developed is highly customizable and easily integrable within your website.
  • Trafic generator and qualified content valorisationAiming to increase trafic on job pages and to optimize search engines indexation and recruiter branding, e-thicHR offers range of diffusion and content management tools such as the headlining of job ads, of regions, of companies, and the diffusion of editorial content.

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Social Networks

  • Optimized content for social networks.The ads and visuals integration is automatized and is easily completed. It has been designed to take full advantage of the tools provided by the social networks themselves.

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TV / Print / Digital Support

  • Digital ressources brought up to standards …The platform’s flexibility and the tools it provides allows the creation of the materials and and bring the data up to technical standards in order to be aired by TV operators or any kind of on-screen operator.
  • … all the way to the world of paper-press.Along with diffusion material generation, a compatible output can be made to digital press industry standards, and also allows to be output to paper press or any printed media.
  • … with a direct link from paper or screen to the web.Whatever the media, the user gets automatically redirected to the web. The target is to provide with a direct marketing and remarketting media as well as a targeted commercial ads content provider.

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User data driven advertising

  • The next big thing.Join our test campaign !

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Talents and applications management

  • Centralized management.Received applications are centralized, classified, ordered, and allows a faster processing and search of the applications (2 days per recruitment*).
    Quotation, hashtags and notes systems, associated to intelligent candidates/requirements matching, and to the candidates benchmarking tool all make of 321.jobs a very powerful platform for organizing an efficient recruitment.
  • Collaborative recruitment oriented tools.The tools composing 321.jobs ATS (talent manager) not only allow to rationalize the recruitment process, but also allows to organize a collaborative recruitment within the company. Chat system, notes, documents attached by the recruiting team are among the useful tools.
  • Recreuiment base building.Would it be through the integrable CV Box (widget), or through the various recruitment in the company, or from an existing base, e-thicHR allows your company to build, consolidate and protects its recruitment base.

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A central tool.

In the future, the companies will need a clean system, interfaced with all external systems, and all types of medias. It will be necessary for them to offer a mobile experience** to all candidates, unless it will be ignored.e-thicHR is the link between all those medias, and each company’s system. Systems can be redistribued / sold by partners, web or communication agencies as well as IT integrators, which also give them the opportunity to organise the communication campaigns or integration.In any area, any medias can become a major partner.

** less than 30% of corporates sites are currently adapted.

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